1978 Ibanez Flying Eagle Bass Excellent Condition

Ibanez SR1805E Premium 5 String Bass Natural Flat finish Rosewood fretboard LN
Ibanez SR1805E Premium 5 String Bass Natural Flat finish Rosewood fretboard LN
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 83321304097236320 1978 Ibanez Flying Eagle Bass Excellent Condition

The Good News:
This great-sounding bass has been in my possession since new, I purchased it in 1978 in Southern Cal.
It's in all -original condition, with hardly any major markings or damage.
The headstock cutout is intact, and the headstock overall has very little damage.
Krist Novoselic of Nirvana played these a lot, and with good reason; their sound is phenomenal.

The Really Good News:
I'm a guitar player, not a bassist, so this instrument is most likely the least played, and quite possibly the best condition Black Eagle you'll ever find.
It has spent most of its life in its case, being used occasionally for project studio songs.

It has done exactly 3 live gigs that I can recall.
As a result it's in excellent shape with minimal markings or damage, excellent neck and frets and good electronics.
It has had no modifications or work done whatsoever; neither the pick-guard or the pot cover has never been removed, as far as I can recall.
It was used mostly with its original plastic-coated strings, so if you put fret wear on a scale from one to ten, this would rate about 0.5.
On many frets it's hard to see any wear at all.
Neck is straight and very clean. The pickguard is very nice, with no damage.
The neck inlays, are, I believe, actually 'onlays', plastic pieces that got laquered over on the neck.
Not sure about that though, there are forums out there that have this info.
Ibanez basically invented tribal tattoos back in '78!

I am going to try and list or photograph all the blemishes I can, and can always provide more pictures on request.

Not-So_Good News:
The headstock has one small nick and another small scrape on the bottom of the scroll.
This is essentially the only place on the guitar where there is damage down to the wood.
All other damage is much more superficial. There are no missing chunks of paint on the back as is common with older guitars.
The body is in great shape with a few minor nicks here and there, and light buckle marks on the back.
The body has some scratches here and there, and the top horn has a scrape that looks worse in the picture than it is.
It is actually a series of thin scratches that the pic has blurred together. I think that's the white primer showing through, or it might be from contact with whatever cased the mark.

The neck binding lacquer has nicked off in 1-2 places, about 3/8".
It's hard to see in the picture, look to the right of the dot marker in the binding in the photo of the side of the neck. The binding is fine, it's just the clear-coat on top.
Overall, this guitar is in remarkably good shape for a 32-year-old guitar, in excellent playing condition with minimal blems and no major damage.

The original case is in good condition outside and excellent inside, the only blemish being the usual tear at the bottom where the strap lock abraded the cloth.
All latches are working.
This is a great opportunity to own an excellent, one-owner example of this great quality vintage guitar. I will miss it.
Feel free to ask any questions.
Please see my 100% feedback to bid with confidence.

Sorry, I cannot ship internationally.
Please check with me for shipping estimates; Ebay's are notoriously inaccurate sometimes.

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 83321304097236321 1978 Ibanez Flying Eagle Bass Excellent Condition

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